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Connect, drive, save

Ajusto® program with telematics device

The Ajusto program with telematics device lets you monitor your driving habits and save up to 25% more on your auto insurance premium at renewal.

Our free telematics device is about the size of the palm of your hand. Simply connect it to your vehicle and drive!


Driving habits

When you register your car for the Ajusto program, the telematics device collects real-time data on these 3 criteria:

  • Annual kilometres – If you drive less then 15,000 km a year, you can receive the maximum savings.
  • Fast acceleration and hard braking – The smoother your driving, the more you can save!
  • Time of use – The risk of an accident is lower at certain times, such as during the day or on a weekend. And the lower the risk, the more you save!

Your driving data is sent to The Personal through a secure server. We use this data to calculate the savings you'll get on your auto insurance premium at renewal.

View your driving data

Simply log on to Online Services and check out your personalized dashboard. You'll see your driving data and your estimated annual savings.

Sign up and save

To take advantage of the Ajusto program with telematics device, you need:

  • A car model manufactured in 1998 or later. Technical limitations mean we can't offer this program for all vehicles.  
  • An email address to receive messages and to log on to Online Services

To take advantage of the Ajusto program, call us at 1-855-801-8830. Tell the P&C insurance agent that you're interested in the Ajusto program with telematics device.

When you receive your telematics device, simply connect it to the OBD port in the vehicle you enrolled in the program. You can also refer to the instructions (PDF) included with the device.

Important: Some OBD ports may be incompatible with the device.


At The Personal, we're committed to keeping your personal information secure and confidential.

Read the Ajusto program with telematics device terms and conditions (PDF).

Frequently asked questions about the Ajusto program with telematics device

What happens after I sign up?
Can I cancel my Ajusto program?
Can I use the telematics device in both my cars?
If someone else drives my car, does the device record their driving habits?
Will The Personal share my data?
How can I check my driving data?
Can the device be installed in any type of car?
How can I make sure the device is working properly?
Can the device drain my vehicle's battery?
What does the red light on the device mean?
How can I switch from the Ajusto program with telematics device to the Ajusto program on smartphone?

Note: The device collects driving data while your vehicle is being operated by you and all other drivers of your car. Therefore, the personal dashboard/driving profile displays the aggregated driving data of all drivers of the vehicle enrolled in the program.

The savings correspond to a percentage based on the majority of the premium. Please note that the savings will automatically be applied to the premium at renewal. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply.

Ajusto is underwritten by The Personal, which refers to The Personal Insurance Company Inc.

® Ajusto is a registered mark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc., used with permission by The Personal Insurance Company.


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