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Frequently Asked Questions on Property Insurance

Why do insurance companies check my credit score?

We check your credit file only to offer you the best insurance premium possible.

It has been shown that credit files are effective in predicting future insurance claims. That is why we use this, along with other information about your property or automobile, in order to determine the best insurance premium for you.

When you take out an insurance policy with us, we also use your credit file to determine your payment terms. Afterwards, when it’s time to renew or change your insurance policy, we update information collected so we can continue to offer you a customized price.

Credit agencies distinguish between consulting for insurance purposes and consulting for a loan. This means that when we verify your credit file, it isn’t affected.

What happens if I don’t want my credit file to be checked?

We respect your decision and will offer you an insurance premium, although you might not receive the best insurance premium.

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