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Green Communities Canada seeks to preserve health, environment one step at a time

One doesn't have to be a health nut to know that walking more often is beneficial to a person's health, but as Green Communities Canada points out, walking benefits other aspects of life.

Green Communities Canada, a non-profit organization that offers innovative solutions to help preserve the environment, reports that many Canadians are having their children walk to school as opposed to driving them there.

With fewer cars on the road, less carbon is put into the atmosphere, preserving the environment. Furthermore, according to the Canadian Institute of Health Information, this is good news for children because it is they, not adults, who are more susceptible to health hazards resulting from overexposure to carbon like reduced lung function.

Green Communities has been advocating walking to school over driving at schools throughout Canada to promote healthy living both for personal and environmental health.

But fewer miles is also paying off for the adults who don’t drive their kids to school. It saves on gas consumption and because some auto insurance companies offer plans based on the number of kilometres driven, it can also lead to lower premiums.


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