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Commercials to depict dangers of texting while driving

Even though cellphone use is banned in most Canadian provinces, Quebec's auto insurance board isn't convinced motorists are getting the message as to how dangerous the practice is.

As such, Quebec's SAAQ has announced that two new commercials will depict what can happen when drivers text and drive.

The SAAQ says that the public service announcements - which will begin airing on television May 1 - will demonstrate how a driver's inattention can quickly lead to an accident.

"Cell phones are a part of daily life for many people and, as a result, are in people's cars," SAAQ said in a statement on its website. "The growing use of cell phones at the wheel to send and receive text messages is becoming a serious road safety problem."

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, distracted driving is a common problem facing Canadian motorists and it often goes unreported. The CAA says that studies suggest distracted driving is responsible for 20 to 40 percent of all collisions.

As of February 2010, hand-held cellphone use while driving is banned in eight provinces, including Ontario and Quebec.


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