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Gas-saving tips for vacationing families

With gas prices skyrocketing, many Canadians originally scheduling long road trips are turning vacations into 'stay-cations' to save money. But others aren't letting pain at the pump affect their plans.

With these people in mind, General Motors Canada is offering road warriors some tips on what they can do to enjoy their time away without having to worry about paying an arm and a leg for their trip.

The car maker says that one of the simplest ways to save gas is to check tire pressure. Under-inflated tires can reduce mileage by as much as four percent.

Another easy way to pinch pennies is to take advantage of a car's cruise control capability, as GM says that hard acceleration can lead a car to eat 39 percent more gas than if it maintains a steady speed.

Other cost-cutting measures suggested by GM include reducing speed from 120 kilometres per hour to 100 kilometres per hour, decelerating gradually and lightening the load by taking as few accessories as possible on a trip.

These tips also put less wear and tear on a vehicle, which is a boon for auto insurance companies as high-performing cars are less likely to malfunction and potentially lead to an accident.


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