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Insurance Bureau of Canada offers motorists safety tips

It's Road Safety Week in Canada and the Insurance Bureau of Canada wants to ensure the security of motorists by offering them tips to heed not only this week, but every day they get behind the wheel.

And because so many accidents are due to driver distraction, the recommendations relate to things that tend to divert a person's attention from the road.

For instance, the IBC recommends eating before driving, pulling over to use a cellphone and creating a "driving playlist" to avoid constantly reaching for the radio dial.

Bill Adams, Vice-President of the IBC, said that while these tips help keep people's hands on the wheel, they also keep people's attention on the road, which is the main issue when it comes to dealing with driver distraction.

"Studies show that 80 percent of collisions are the result of driver distraction," said Bill Adams, vice president of the IBC. "Now is the perfect time to adopt strategies that help keep drivers and their families safe on our roads."

Drivers who use these tips may see their auto insurance rates decline over time if the suggestions lead to fewer accidents. Insurance companies may take driving history into account when determining rates.


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