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Home Insurance Responsibilities for Renters and Owners

Carl, 19, doesn’t have a home insurance policy. He owns:

  • Three cardboard boxes
  • An old sofa
  • A can opener

Peter and Monica, respectively 42 and 39, have been with the same home insurance company since 1999. They have already shared sixteen wonderful years haggling with antique dealers across the province.

They own:

  • A cherry table and six chairs
  • Three leather couches
  • An Oriental bedroom set
  • Two LPs autographed by the Beatles


Are these caricatures or realistic portraits? For all the “Carls” out there, the decision to take out a home insurance policy doesn’t depend solely on the value of your possessions.

Renters or Owners: Who Has More Responsibility?

Your home insurance policy includes liability coverage, which applies to any damages that you might involuntarily cause to other people or their belongings.

When it comes to home insurance, renters and homeowners have the same responsibilities.

Contrary to popular belief, renters are just as likely to cause damage to others as owners are. If you’re renting and you damage a neighbour’s possessions, would you be able to cover the replacement cost without liability insurance? What if someone tripped over a broom that you left in your staircase and then sued you for his or her injuries?

When it comes to liability, it doesn’t matter whether you rent or own; it’s just as important to be insured.

Both renters and homeowners are exposed to life’s uncertainties.

For more information on the obligations of renters and homeowners, or for a home insurance quote, contact us.


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