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Prevent Insurance Fraud.

They Cheat. We All Pay.

Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates fraudulent claims cost Canadian insurers and policyholders $3 billion each year.  As a result, out of every $100 paid in insurance premiums, $10 - 15 goes to cover the cost of fraud.

We know the vast majority of our customers are honest and act in good faith.  Unfortunately, some people take advantage of our trust.  Types of insurance fraud that increase premiums include:

  • Padding a legitimate claim
  • Lying about the way a loss occurred
  • Staging an accident
  • Withholding pertinent information
  • Claiming for treatments not received

At The Personal, we’re working hard to combat fraud so we can continue to provide you with the highest quality insurance at the best possible rates.

Our Position on Insurance Fraud

Staged Accidents: Targeting Innocent Drivers

Reporting Fraud


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