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Prevent Insurance Fraud.

Our Position on Insurance Fraud

At The Personal, we believe it’s unfortunate for the vast majority of our customers who are honest and act in good faith to pay for those who engage in insurance fraud through increased premiums.

That is why we are committed to addressing insurance fraud head on.  We make every effort to deter fraud with the goal of protecting our clients and the general public from the physical and financial harm caused by this criminal activity. We focus on:

  • Training employees to recognize and respond to fraudulent activity
  • Empowering our Special Investigations Unit to unearth criminal activity and pursue every option of restitution and prosecution
  • Collaborating with Insurance Bureau of Canada and other organizations to make joint strides in the fight against fraud
  • Educating our clients and the general public about the consequences of fraud

Learn more about the types of insurance fraud, how you can avoid being a victim and how to report fraud.

They Cheat. We All Pay.

Staged Accidents: Targeting Innocent Drivers

Reporting Fraud


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