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Select an incident

Car or recreational vehicle

  • Auto glass breakage

    Your windshield was chipped or cracked.

  • Vehicle Accident

    Your vehicle was damaged when it hit another vehicle, an object or the ground.

  • Incident involving your liability

    You accidentally injured someone or damaged their property.
    For instance:

    • You drove into your neighbour's fence.
    • You struck a pedestrian.
  • Fire, theft or vandalism

    Your vehicle was damaged by fire, was stolen or vandalized.

  • Accident with injuries

    You or members of your family were injured in a motor vehicle accident.

    To report the accident, contact us at 1-888-785-5502. An Accident Benefits Advisor will handle your injury claim.

  • Natural disaster

    Your vehicle was damaged by a weather event (e.g., windstorm, hail, rising water).

  • Other incident

    Your vehicle was damaged by another incident, such as a falling tree.


  • Water damage

    Your home was damaged by water (e.g., burst pipe, leaking water heater, sewer backup).

  • Theft

    Property was stolen from your home or while temporarily elsewhere (e.g., inside your vehicle).

  • Vandalism

    The interior or exterior of your home was vandalized.

  • Fire and smoke

    Your home was damaged by fire.

  • Incident involving your liability

    You accidentally injured someone or damaged their property (e.g., a neighbour was injured in your home).

  • Natural disaster

    Your home was damaged by a weather event (e.g., wind, hail, lightning).

  • Other incident

    Your personal property was accidentally damaged.


Our commitment

We know how stressful an accident or a loss can be. You can count on us to address your concerns quickly and guide you through the claims process. We are committed to giving you all the support you should expect from your insurer!

The clauses and terms of the described coverage are set out in the insurance policy. Some conditions and exclusions apply.


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