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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Should I Replace or Repair my Windshield?

It’s always best to repair a chipped windshield as soon as possible, before it develops into a nasty crack. While a chip can usually be fixed, a crack means you’ll most likely have to get the glass replaced, or you’ll be in danger of it shattering at any time, and causing far more serious damage.

If you have Comprehensive coverage, you’re covered for most glass repairs, without having to pay a deductible. Many repair shops will even call your insurer for you, so all you have to do is get it fixed and drive away.

Whether or not the glass can be repaired instead of replaced depends on the size, location and severity of the damage. Most shops can repair quarter-sized chips or cracks up to three inches. However, if the damage is in the corner of the glass, it’s far more difficult to repair, and it can compromise the strength of the glass. Anything from a small, flying object to a strong burst of wind could cause the glass to break, which could potentially lead to a crash.

If the damage is such that you have to get the glass replaced, you will be responsible for paying your deductible. So, before that chip gets any bigger than the head of a nail, look for your local glass repair shop and have a qualified glazer inspect the damage.

Comprehensive coverage is not mandatory, but is often required by insurers. To find out more, read Choosing the Right Kind of Auto Insurance.

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