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Service that restricts drivers from using phone

A U.S.-based technology firm has created a device to reduce driving distractions, and it’s being used to improve road safety in Canada.

The service, which costs $7 per month, allows parents, employers and organizations to keep tabs on their loved ones or employees by disabling their phones while they're driving.

Stan Van Meter, CEO of tXtBlocker, said he joins the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police in hoping the device can reduce or eliminate distracted driving in Canada.

"[The OACP] intends to stop the growing epidemic of motorists using their mobile phone," said Van Meter. "tXtBlocker is the leading technology solution to distracted driving incidents in the United States and is proud to have been selected as a partner in OACP's unique outreach campaign in Canada."

With distracted driving one of the leading causes of car accidents in Canada, reducing or eliminating that risk through technology decreases the risk auto insurance companies have when insuring vehicles.


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