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Keeping thieves away while on summer vacation

As the end of the school year draws near, many Canadians are thinking about where they'll go for their summer vacation. But as the National Post reports, homeowners should also think about what they'll do to protect their property while they're gone, as extended periods away often serve as the time for home invaders to make their move.

"Criminals are looking for those houses where there are no lights and the drapes are down," said Isabelle Cotton of the Toronto Police Service in an interview with the paper. "Make sure your place looks like someone is living inside."

In addition to making it appear as though the home is occupied, Cotton suggests a number of other preventive measures. These include connecting an alarm system to the doors and windows, asking neighbours to regularly check the property and putting an extra level of protection on common entry points. Blocking patio doors from opening with a wooden dowel is one low-cost way, according to Cotton.

The Insurance Research Bureau of Canada says there's no such thing as standard home insurance. Thus, it's important to review a policy with an agent and not assume it contains theft coverage.


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