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Assistance in Case of Identity Theft

Our Service in Detail

Our Identity Theft Assistance service allows you to call a lawyer or psychologist from our team of experts free of charge. They will provide you with support and assistance throughout the identity recovery process.

If you are the victim or believe you are the victim of identity theft, our Identity Theft Assistance:

  • Offers advice on identity theft prevention
  • Answers your questions concerning identity theft
  • Provides assistance to help you recover your identity

This free service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are, of course, confidential.

When Can You Use Identity Theft Assistance?

  • Your passport was stolen and you want to know how to protect yourself against its fraudulent use.
  • You lost your social insurance card and want to verify whether any credit applications have been made in your name.
  • You lost your wallet and are wondering where to obtain new identity papers.

An Advantage Reserved for Our Policyholders

To get Identity Theft Assistance free of charge, you must have a home insurance policy with us.

To contact a lawyer or psychologist, 1-866-875-3537. Simply have your insurance policy number in hand when you call.

Not Insured With Us?

Obtain a home insurance quote now and see how easy it is to be well protected. 


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