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Worry-Free Option

Our Worry-Free Option is a package that allows you to personalize your insurance at a lower rate.

The Worry-Free Option includes the following coverage:

Situation Coverage

You borrow or rent a vehicle for a short period of time.


Up to $100,000 for material damage caused to a vehicle not owned by you

No additional insurance required when you rent one of these vehicles in Canada or the United States

Your car is stolen or is off the road following a covered accident.  

Up to $1,500 for transportation expenses

Your car breaks down.

$50 per claim to cover emergency roadside assistance

*Not covered: Cost of parts, materials, gas, oil, batteries, or tires

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This text is intended as a guide. Full conditions and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy.

TM Worry-Free Option is a registered trademark of a company affiliated with The Personal General Insurance Inc.


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