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Lesser known traffic offenses that can lead to a ticket

Most people know that speeding and running a red light can signal a rise in one's auto insurance rates, but there are a number of other illegal actions that can do the same thing.

With this in mind, the Toronto Star has put together a list of lesser-known traffic offenses that can lead to a citation and a rise in rates. All the offenses were confirmed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

For instance, the practice of 'rubbernecking,' where motorists slow down and contort their necks to see the results of a motor vehicle accident or traffic stop, can lead to a citation due to "unnecessarily slow driving."

Another action that can net someone a ticket is stopping beyond a marked stop line at an intersection. Considered an "improper stop," the paper says the violation could be particularly costly if a pedestrian is crossing at the time.

And while radar detectors are legal in other provinces, they're illegal to use in Ontario, and the Toronto Star reports the motorist will not only receive a ticket, but the officer will likely seize the detector.

According to a Canadian-based radar retailer, the only provinces where radar detectors are legal to operate are British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.


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