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Mitsubishi announces price details of its electric vehicle

Canadians looking to buy an electric vehicle to save on gas will have more choice in the coming months.

According to Mitsubishi Motors Canada, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV will be in local dealerships later this year and a standard model will have a suggested retail price of $32,998. But the source states the net cost will be even lower for Ontario and Quebec drivers, as they can get government subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles.

The carmaker says the iMiEV, or the Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle, is a five door subcompact hatchback that seats four passengers, making it ideal for small families. Tomocki Yanagawa, Mitsubishi Canada's Vice-President of sales, says its low price makes it family-friendly as well.

"These are prices that we believe will make the i-MiEV affordable for many environmentally conscious Canadians," said Yanagawa.

Canadians considering buying an all-electric vehicle should also factor in the cost of insurance. Some auto insurance companies offer discounts for energy-efficient vehicles, so policyholders may want to shop around.


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