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Replacement Cost (Section B) – End. 43 (A and E)

Make sure you always have a new vehicle

Replacement cost coverage protects you against the depreciation of your vehicle.

Now, you can enjoy this coverage for up to 5 years.


After an accident, this coverage:

  • Covers equipment installed after purchasing the vehicle – that was damaged in the accident – like:
    • A bike rack
    • A luggage rack
    • A trailer hitch
  • Makes it easier to have repairs made or parts replaced at the dealer of your choice
  • May be added up to 90 days after the purchase or lease of a vehicle

In the event of a total loss: your vehicle will be replaced with a new one having similar features, equipment and accessories.

In the event of a partial loss: any damaged parts that can't be repaired will be replaced with new ones.

Get Replacement cost coverage that's among the most complete on the market!

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This text is intended as a guide. Full conditions and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy.


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