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Be rewarded for your environmental awareness!

Do you drive a fuel-efficient, hybrid, or electric vehicle? If so, we want to reward you for your environmental awareness by giving you a discount on your auto insurance premium.

  • Do you drive a fuel-efficient vehicle?

Get a 10% discount on your auto insurance premium.

Eligible vehicles for the fuel-efficient vehicle discount.

  • Do you drive a hybrid vehicle?

We recently increase our auto insurance premium discount to 15%!

Eligible vehicles for the hybrid vehicle discount.

  • Do you drive a fully electric vehicle?

We reward you for your environmentally responsible behavior by offering a new 20% discount on your auto insurance premium.

Eligible cars for the fully electric vehicle discount.

For eligible vehicles that are already insured, the ecosavings discount are automatically applied when the policy renews.

The Personal cares about the environment

We are one of the first insurers to give a discount to drivers of fuel-efficient and electric cars, and we offer one of the best discounts on the market to drivers of hybrid cars.

These premium discounts for eco-friendly drivers are part of our commitment to helping meet the main targets of the Kyoto Protocol.

Our premium discount reflects our desire to:

  • Protect the environment
  • Support sustainable development
  • Fight one of the biggest causes of climate change: greenhouse gas emissions

Why choose a fuel-efficient, hybrid, or electric car?

All cars that run on gasoline emit carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the six gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. A high percentage of all emissions come from the transportation industry. Higher gasoline consumption means higher CO2 emissions, and hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles use a lot less gasoline than regular cars, whereas fully electric vehicles use no gasoline. Therefore, by opting for one of these vehicles, you're helping protect the environment, while taking advantage of a discount on your auto insurance premium.


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