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Your Business, Your Privileges

Business assistance services

Because in business, you sometimes need a helping hand

There are times when you need help from a specialist outside your field. We can make sure you get the support you need with our new assistance services – now included in your business insurance.

Legal Assistance

Talk to a lawyer over the phone to help you avoid or settle legal issues with clients, suppliers or employees.

  • Available 24/7
  • No time limits
  • No additional cost
  • Completely confidential

Some situations when a lawyer can help

  • A client falls on the stairs in your offices and threatens to sue. What do you do?
  • An employee is injured in a work-related accident. How do you react?
  • You want to extend your worksite. What do you need to check? Who should you contact?
  • Some clients have their belongings stolen from the restaurant cloakroom. Are you responsible?
  • A client refuses to pay his bill. What can you do?
  • One of your suppliers files for bankruptcy. What are your legal rights?
  • A client returns defective merchandise. Who is responsible? You or your supplier?

Professional Expertise Assistance

This service puts you in touch with a vast network of qualified, reputable suppliers, quickly and easily.

  • Available 24/7
  • No additional cost
  • First class referrals

Some of the expert help we can find for you

  • Accountant
  • Tax expert
  • General contractor
  • Engineer
  • Plumber
  • Computer expert

Get Legal Assistance and Professional Expertise Assistance services today!

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