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The Personal Legal Assistance

Our Service in Detail

With our Legal Assistance, you can call our lawyers at no extra charge and with no time limits. This service covers all areas of law except for criminal and tax law.

So whenever your have questions, you can get answers directly from a The Personal Legal Assistance lawyer on a number of subjects like:

  • Contracts
  • Estates
  • Courts (civil)
  • Family
  • Work
  • Real estate

All calls are, of course, strictly confidential.

When Can You Use The Personal Legal Assistance?

Here are some situations where our Legal Assistance could come in very handy:

  • The engine in your new car fails after only a month and you want to find out what legal recourse is available
  • You’re thinking of breaking your new-vehicle lease but would like to know what the legal ramifications are
  • You need information about your will or civil union
  • You’d like to know your rights in a dispute with a neighbor

An Advantage Reserved For Our Policyholders

To get Legal Assistance free of charge, you must have a home insurance policy with us.

To contact a lawyer, call 1-888-875-7540. Make sure to have your home insurance policy number in hand when you call.

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