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All Risk Insurance

Protect your property against fire, theft, vandalism, etc.

“All risk” protection covers the most common risks that could directly damage your property.

Basic coverage includes risks such as fire, theft, vandalism, damage due to wind, certain types of water damage, falling objects, and a vehicle hitting your house.

“All risk” protection also covers most accidents people don’t usually think of when buying insurance.

All insurance policies—including “all risk” policies— have exclusions such as normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration or mechanical failure. Some exclusions (i.e. earthquake, sewer back-up, etc.) can be insured with optional protection.

In Context

While doing his laundry, Simon knocked over some bleach, spilling it on the floor and some clothes.

Not only were his clothes ruined, his wood floor was seriously damaged!

Although this little accident was his fault, his “all risk” home insurance covered the damage.

This text is intended as a guide. Full conditions and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy.


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