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Choosing the Right Kind of Home Insurance

While policy holders usually get insurance that covers most of their valuable possessions, many people underestimate the importance of taking out a property insurance policy that’s truly right for them.

Protect All of Your Possessions

Many people think that all they really need to survive is their furniture, appliances, electronic devices and clothing.

All too frequently, these items are the only ones considered when they calculate the amount of insurance coverage required.

Preserve Your Valuables

We all know that you can’t put a price on preserving a family legacy. Jewellery and works of art deserve the protection that our wide range of insurance products provides.

From your stamp-collecting great aunt to your cousin who loves antique books, few people are aware of the numerous limits in home insurance policies pertaining to valuable objects, including:

  • furs and jewellery
  • collections
  • cash

In most cases, compensation for items like these cannot exceed a maximum amount. Remember to add to your personal inventory any possessions that are kept in other buildings on your property, also called “outbuildings or detached structures".

For sound advice on what kind of insurance is best for you, or to receive a home insurance quote, contact us to speak with one of our licensed, insurance professionals.


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