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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Who can use Online Services?

All home and auto policyholders can use our Online Services.

Is more than one person named on your insurance policy?

All named policyholders can access Online Services for this contract. Each insured must register for online services with a separate email address and password. Each person will have individual access to the same policy.

Do the members of your family have separate insurance policies?

To access Online Services, family members must create individual accounts with their own email address and password. The same email address cannot be used for different accounts. Only policyholders can access their policies through Online Services.

You can’t create an online account if:

  • You pay for the auto or home insurance policy but are not a named policyholder
  • You are a named driver but not a named policyholder
  • You’re responsible for the insurance policy (for example, spouse, parent, family member), but you’re not a named policyholder

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