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Group Home and Auto Insurance

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Protect everything you care about

Looking for home, auto or business insurance? Whatever your needs are, choose group insurance from The Personal and enjoy exclusive rates. Plus you can buy your tenant, condo or auto insurance online!

The difference between general group insurance and workplace group insurance

Often confused, general group insurance and workplace group insurance are 2 very distinct products.

General group insurance (offered by The Personal)

This kind of group insurance offers preferred rates and tailored coverage to employees or members of an organization that has an agreement with a property and casualty insurance provider.

What is a group?

Workplace group insurance

Workplace group insurance focuses on health and well-being management. It includes life, critical illness, travel and drug insurance.

With workplace group insurance, company employees and their dependents are financially protected in case of an illness, an accident, an extended leave or death.

Group insurance, personalized coverage!

Group membership benefits entitle you to exclusive group rates on your home, auto and/or business insurance not available to the general public. You can also count on us for exceptional customer service and commitment to protect what matters most to you!


You can buy some of your group insurance policies online!

You can insure your car, apartment or condo unit online—it’s quick, easy and convenient!

An app that offers added protection

With The Personal app, you get access to prevention tools like Alert and Radar. Managing your insurance and submitting a claim has never been easier!

Protect the place you call home

Protect your home against ground water seepage and sewer back-up.

Business Insurance

Get coverage that's tailored to your company and business line.

Savings amounts are not guaranteed and will vary depending upon your underwriting information.

Online insurance purchase is available subject to our underwriting policies. Limitations and exclusions apply.