null What to know about COVID-19 and your car

Be mindful that your car isn’t made to sit in the driveway

Chances are your car is parked for much longer than normal these days – and while it’s nice to save a little more of your gas money – many people don’t realize it can be harmful to keep your vehicle stationary for long periods. Things like surface rust can begin to form in just a few days and, over the course of a few weeks, the battery could even begin to drain. To avoid any issues, try to drive each of your vehicles equally – or, if you only have one, consider taking it in to get the brakes checked once we’re back on the roads.

Don’t worry about changing your winter tires – yet

Since many of us are home with time to spare, it’s easy to think we should go ahead and remove our winter tires now that spring has arrived. But, actually, most experts recommend you wait until the daily temperature “low” is at least 7°C before you swap them out – especially since it’s not uncommon for many Canadian cities to get snow in the spring.

Postpone your next maintenance appointment

Even now that garages have reopened, it’s okay to hold off on your car’s upcoming service if it’s only preventive in nature – like an annual maintenance check. Just do yourself a favour and call to re-book the appointment now, so you won’t have to worry about appointment availability later down the road when you’re more comfortable leaving home. 

Contact your dealership if your lease is up soon

Many car companies are letting people keep their vehicles for a little longer while we’re still social distancing. If your lease is set to expire, get in touch with the credit company to see what policies they have in place.

Do your research before buying a new vehicle

While most local dealerships are temporarily closed, many national car brands are still offering online sales. But before you buy, we’d recommend doing as much research as possible – since the comfort, style and dashboard features of a vehicle are what’s really going to make it the right fit for you.

Take this time to clean out your car

Now’s a great opportunity to get out for a bit of sunshine and clean your vehicle. Toss out any lingering garbage, remove any valuables to reduce the risk of theft, and use a brush or cloth to gently wipe everything down with a mix of dishwashing soap and water. Don’t forget your sun visors, key fob and seatbelt buckle – which we often overlook.

Take advantage of refunds and other offers from your insurer

If you’re not able to stop driving and put your car in storage, you may still be able to access a refund or other temporary discount while the government continues to recommend that we stay home as much as possible. Check to see if your insurer is offering anything specific for you.

To learn more about the relief measures available to our clients, visit our dedicated COVID-19 page.

What to know about COVID-19 and your car

Like many Canadians, you're probably spending a lot of time at home these days—and so is your car. Here’s our advice to help you stay safe and look after your vehicle during the pandemic.

These tips are provided for information and prevention purposes only. They are general in nature, and The Personal cannot be held liable for them. We recommend using caution and consulting an expert for comprehensive, tailored advice.