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With home insurance from The Personal, you have access to TeleWarn®—a home monitoring program that offers protection against fire, theft and break-ins.

How does it work?

TeleWarn keeps your home alarm system connected to a Chubb Edwards central monitoring station around the clock.

If the alarm is triggered, the police or fire department is alerted automatically.

The benefits of TeleWarn

  • Pay only $12.951 per month (plus tax)
  • Bundle your monthly payments with your home insurance premium
  • Save even more on your home insurance
  • Pay no deductible (up to $300) and see no premium increase following a theft, break-in or fire that triggers the alarm
  • Cancel any time with no cancellation fees

Sign up and save up to $150

Don’t have an alarm system?

Save $100 when you buy a Chubb Edwards alarm system that’s already offered at a preferred rate.2

Already have an alarm system?

Save $100 when you have your alarm system connected to the Chubb Edwards central monitoring station.2

Exclusive limited-time offer

When you sign up for TeleWarn, take another $50 off one of the following :

  • The purchase of a Chubb Edwards alarm system
  • The cost of having your alarm system connected to the Chubb Edwards central monitoring station
  • Your monthly fees

Chubb Edwards: A trusted partner

Chubb Edwards is known for its reliable alarm systems and excellent customer service. That’s why we chose to partner with them for our TeleWarn program.

Thousands of individuals and financial institutions trust Chubb Edwards to protect their property.

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  • This service is offered to clients who have a home insurance policy with The Personal.
  • The Personal’s TeleWarn program is not available in some areas. Conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply.
  • ® TeleWarn is a registered trademark of The Personal.
  1. Plus tax. Rate subject to change.
  2. This offer may be cancelled without notice. The discount applies to the amount after taxes.