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Auto Insurance Advantages

Benefit from personalized coverage and first-class service

When you choose The Personal, you’re getting more than just preferred group rates on your auto insurance. You’re getting great protection on the road and peace of mind behind the wheel.

Here are some features and discounts we offer:

Optional coverage* that suits your needs

Replacement Cost coverage Coverage for the value of your new car for up to 5 years.
Value Plus OptionTM Protects the value of your used car. This coverage is available for up to five years.
$0 Deductible Option With this optional coverage, you’ll pay no deductible when making a claim, even if you’re at fault.
Accident-Free Protection Opt for Accident-Free Protection and your insurance premium won’t increase as a result of your first at-fault accident.
The Worry-Free Option Get more coverage, for less.
24/7 Emergency Service Get a 24/7 Emergency Claims Assistance

Individual discounts added to your exclusive group rate

Multi-Vehicle Discount Insure two vehicles or more and get:
Fuel-efficient vehicle Discount Get a 10% discount on your auto insurance premium
Hybrid Vehicle Discount Help protect the environment and get a discount of 15% on your auto insurance premium.
Fully Electric Vehicle Discount Get a 20% discount on your auto insurance premium.
Drivers under 25 Save up to 20% on your auto insurance if you are under 25.
Multi-Line Discount Save by insuring your car and home with The Personal
Good Record Rate Get special rate if you haven't submitted any claims or committed any Highway Safety Code offences in the past few years. Rate may vary depending on the type of offence (speed, traffic signs, etc.).

Take advantage of these privileges today!

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You can also get a quote at a preferred rate for your motorcycle, snowmobile, recreational vehicle and more.

*Certain restrictions apply.

TM Value Plus Option is a trademark of a company affiliated with The Personal General Insurance Inc.

**Contact us to find out which anti-theft systems we approve.


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