Serving engineers for 30 years.

With Josée for 29 years


“I’ve been insured with The Personal for a long time now: I bought my first home right after school! The prices were great, and I was reassured by the solid partnership between The Personal and Quebec engineers.”

A positive claims experience

“Submitting a claim is never fun—you only do it after something bad has happened. But everything is so much easier when you can just contact your insurer and get things resolved quickly and smoothly, with good service.”

With Marc-André for 17 years


“When I heard about the partnership between The Personal and Quebec engineers, I looked into it. I was so impressed by the rates and benefits that I immediately switched insurance companies!”

I often recommend The Personal to others


“I’ve stayed with The Personal for over 15 years because of how well I’ve been treated. Not only do I save money, I also get great customer service every time I have to speak to an agent over the phone.”

With Marc for 26 years


“I realized just how responsive and professional The Personal’s agents really are when they helped me deal with water damage to my kitchen walls. I’ve always gotten excellent customer service and been offered competitive rates.”

A family affair


“I trust you so much, I even recommended you to my daughter! She’s also insured with The Personal now!”

With Marc-André for 8 years


“The discounts offered to Genium360 members are really worth it. The group rates really help us enjoy benefits adapted to our needs as engineers.”

100% satisfied


“I think that The Personal’s agents are very attentive. They couldn’t have been more helpful when I had to submit a claim. It was reassuring and comforting to have gotten that type of customer service.”


With Simon for 5 years


“The Personal offers very competitive rates! As a forest engineer, I get exclusive rates offered to members of Genium360. The partnership between The Personal and Genium360 brings engineers many advantages!”

Totally satisfied with their client service

“After my car accident, the claim process was very smooth. I got fast, kind, professional service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Personal to a friend or colleague!”

With Dominik for 13 years


“The service I’ve received from The Personal has always been very professional and friendly. Their employees know how to build a trusting relationship right from the start.”

Discounts make rates very affordable

“My first contact with The Personal was through its partnership with Quebec engineers. I was a student at the time, and the rates definitely won me over!”

With Marie-Claude for 13 years


“I wholeheartedly recommend The Personal! Their service is excellent every time!”

Courteous and competent staff

“My top two reasons for choosing The Personal would have to be their customer service quality and the preferential rates that they offer to members.”

With Olivier for 3 years


“I submitted a claim to The Personal when an ice-covered branch fell on my car. I was very satisfied with the service I received: everything was resolved quickly, clearly and efficiently.”

Always so courteous


“I learned about The Personal their partnership with Quebec engineers. It feels good to do business with a reliable company that prioritizes being both courteous and efficient when following-up with you.”


With Louis-Simon for 5 years

“My home, car and rental apartment building are all insured with The Personal. When I have questions, I want to be able to speak with someone quickly—and that’s how it is with The Personal!”

A partnership you can trust

“Even though there are a lot of insurance companies out there, I’ve relied on The Personal for years, ever since university.

Because of their professional service and competitive rates for engineers, I recommend The Personal to all of my colleagues. It’s really worth it!”


With Solen for 4 years

“I trust The Personal because they recognize me as an engineer. I’ve also helped my condo neighbours benefit from affordable coverage, since we’ve decided to insure our building with them!”

Top-notch customer service

“When I had to make a claim, it was handled exceptionally well. The service provided by The Personal’s agents gives me peace of mind.”


… and we hope to be with you for many years to come!

“With more than 49,000 policyholders and a 98%1 renewal rate year after year, The Personal is proud to celebrate 30 years of commitment to engineering professionals, students and graduates. We’d like to thank Quebec engineers for their trust over the years.”


You, too, can enjoy exclusive group rates and outstanding service!

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1. Group progress report, June 2017.

Client comments were obtained from and approved by our clients and may have been translated from their original language.