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Ajusto® Program

It pays
to drive safe
with Ajusto

Ajusto can help you take control of your auto insurance premium


With Ajusto, you could be rewarded with great savings on your group auto insurance after 100 days.

With Ajusto, get a more personalized premium based on your driving!

Ajusto is a program that you can access from your smartphone to help you monitor your driving behaviours and habits and save on your auto insurance premium.

Sign up for Ajusto and get a 10% enrolment discount on your auto insurance premium for the first 6 months.

After that, you’ll get a more personalized premium based on your driving, and every time you renew. 

Good to know: nearly 85% of our Ajusto clients are on track to qualify for a better premium.1

How does Ajusto work?

Download The Personal app

The app is free and works on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Download the app

Sign up for Ajusto

Go to the Prevention section of the app to sign up for the program.

You don’t need a data plan.

Drive carefully to increase your score

Get your first score after 5 trips.

For each trip, you’ll get personalized feedback on your driving.

You control your score and your auto insurance premium!

Your Ajusto score is based on a number of things, including your driving behaviours. To boost your score and do your part for road safety, keep the following elements in mind when you’re behind the wheel.

Cellphone distraction

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Keep everyone safe and maintain a good score by not using your cellphone when you drive.

Fast acceleration and hard braking

The more you can avoid fast acceleration and hard braking, the higher your score will be.


Respecting the speed limit decreases the risk of an accident and helps you avoid traffic violations! Driving with a feather foot also helps keep your score high.

Other factors

Your driving habits also affect your score.

Time of day

The risk of an accident during the day is lower than at night—and the lower the risk, the better your score!

Distance travelled

Less is more—it often pays to go only a short distance. And the shorter your trips, the more you could save!

Familiar routes

If you take the same routes all the time, you’re less likely to encounter surprises and get into an accident. The more regular your daily routine, the higher your score will be.

What’s the Ajusto score for?

Your score is based on your overall driving

Ajusto calculates your score based on all of your driving behaviours and habits, not on one-off events.

For example, if you brake hard to avoid a collision, this won’t affect your score.

If this type of event happens, you can remove trips from the app that don't reflect your good driving habits. 

Your score helps personalize your premium

After a 180-day period and at least 1,000 km2 of driving, your score can be used to raise or lower your auto insurance premium.

• By driving safely, you could see a premium reduction of up to 25%.

• A riskier driving could mean a premium increase of up to 20%.

Good to know: nearly 85% of our Ajusto clients are on track to qualify for a better premium.1

After that, each time you renew, you benefit from a premium that’s personalized based on your driving during the last 6 months. 

Your premium is also based on traditional factors, like past claims, driving violations or a change of address.

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Is Ajusto right for you?

Safe driving comes naturally to you! 

You’re open to using Ajusto on your smartphone. 

You like the idea that your good driving is finally being recognized with a personalized premium. 

You want to help make the roads safer by putting the tips in the app into practice. 

Congratulations, this program is for you! 

Take control of your auto insurance premium.

Sign up for Ajusto today!

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Frequently asked questions about Ajusto

Can my insurance premium go up as a result of the Ajusto program?

With Ajusto, we're adding a "safe driving" factor to insurance. So by driving safely, you could see a premium reduction of up to 25%. Whereas more risky driving could mean a premium increase of up to 20%.

Good to know: nearly 85% of our Ajusto clients are on track to qualify for a better premium.1 With our new program, we hope to maintain and even improve on this trend, so we can continue to do our part for road safety.

When you renew your auto insurance policy, your premium will also take into account traditional factors like your age, gender, vehicle model and year, driving convictions and claims.

If you become ineligible or we are required to end your participation in the program, you will no longer be eligible to receive any enrolment discount or favorable program adjustment; however, any unfavourable program adjustment will continue to apply.

Will I be penalized if I brake suddenly to avoid an accident?

Don't worry, a single event won't affect your score. We know that there are times when you need to accelerate fast to let an ambulance through or to brake hard to avoid a collision. So it’s good to know that your score isn’t based on one-off events. Instead it’s calculated on your driving profile as a whole.

If this type of event happens, you can remove trips from the app that don't reflect your good driving habits.

Can I opt out when I want?

You can opt out of the Ajusto program at any time. In the app, go to Profile, choose Preferences, then Ajusto. To opt out, tap Deactivate Ajusto. Ajusto will then stop recording your trips. We'll update your auto insurance policy and send you a confirmation by email.

If you just delete the app from your phone, you will still be enrolled in the Ajusto program. To opt out, you must deactivate the Ajusto add-on in the app.

If you opt out of the program before 6 months (180 days) have passed:

  • You'll lose your 10% enrolment discount.
  • If your score is below 60, we'll use your score in the calculation of your premium, once your removal from the Ajusto program is processed and at each subsequent renewal along with other rating criteria.
  • If you haven't driven 1,000 km in the program, we won't use any of the collected data in your renewal premium calculation.

If you opt out of the program after 6 months (180 days) have passed:

  • If your score is above 60, we'll remove your favourable adjustment from your premium.
  • If your score is below 60, we'll keep your unfavourable adjustment on your premium. At any time, you are encouraged to enrol again in the program and start a new trip analysis period to once again attempt to improve your driving. However, you will not receive the 10% enrolment discount and the previously applied score will remain. When you complete it, we'll update your premium using your new score.

If you need help, call By phone :1-888-476-8737.

Discover The Personal app

Through our mobile app, you can sign up for the new Ajusto program, manage your insurance and make a claim 24/7. 

Already insured with The Personal? Download the app today!

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At The Personal, we’re committed to respecting our clients’ right to privacy. For more information, read our Management and protection of personal information policy for mobile application users and the Ajusto program terms and conditions.


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Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.

The discount and the personalized premium do not apply to certain endorsements or additional coverages.  Learn more.  

Ajusto is underwritten by The Personal, which refers to The Personal General Insurance Inc. in Quebec and The Personal Insurance Company in all other provinces and territories of Canada.

Ajusto®  is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc., used under licence.  

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1. Based on the scores of all clients of the insurance subsidiaries of Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc. in their first data collection period, under our new Ajusto program (as of October 1, 2021). [Back]

2. The usage period is 180 days and must include at least 1,000 kilometres driven. During this time, the principal driver must not remain inactive for more than 30 consecutive days. 

If you decide to opt out of Ajusto before your first 6 months are up:  

• You’ll lose your 10% enrolment discount. 
• If your score is 60 or less, it’ll be used to calculate your premium the next time you renew your insurance.   
• If you’ve driven less than 1,000 km, none of your data will be used to calculate your insurance premium.  [Back]