The Personal accessibility standards

Accessibility for people with disabilities: A priority!

The Personal is committed to providing a barrier-free environment to meet the needs of clients, partners and employees with disabilities. We have taken numerous initiatives to improve accessibility and will continue do to so.

Our accessibility goals and initiatives

Customer service standards

Our customer service is there for you

At The Personal, we strive to ensure that clients with disabilities can access the products and services they need in an independent and dignified way. To that end, we have taken certain initiatives:

  • Policies and procedure have been put in place.
  • Employees who provide goods and services to people with disabilities have received training.

Information and communication standards

Accessible formats and communication supports

The Personal is committed to making sure all our communications are accessible to everyone and to taking into account the accessibility needs of people with disabilities.

If you have a disability, please ask us for any additional information or communication supports you need.

Accessible websites and web content

At The Personal, we strive to make it easier for people with disabilities (such as blindness, deafness and cognitive impairment) to use our Internet and mobile solutions. In order to reduce navigation barriers, we have implemented an ongoing web accessibility improvement program. The program includes a process to correct and upgrade our websites.

This program will allow us to gradually apply Level A rules under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( ◢ WCAG) 2.0 followed by Level AA (by 2021), in compliance with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Employment standards

The Personal strives to offer equal opportunities to everyone interested in working for the company. We ensure that our employment practices are equitable and accessible, allowing us to attract and retain people with disabilities.

Equal access employment program

The company has developed an equal access employment program designed to promote the fair representation of minorities and people with disabilities.

Building and workstation accessibility

Our premises are designed to ensure employees with disabilities have easy access to work sites. Plus, workstations can be adapted on request to meet the individual needs of a person with a disability.

Feedback and additional information

You can play an important role in helping us improve the accessibility of our products and services. Your comments and questions will help us establish new policies, practices and services to meet your needs and serve you better.

Please contact us if you have any accessibility questions, requests or comments.


For questions about our information and communications standards, call us at:

For questions about our employment standards or to speak to customer service, call us at:


Click the Contact Us link. Choose "Human Resources" or "Technical Problems" from the Subject dropdown list, and then choose "Accessibility" from the Specify dropdown list.


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