null 10 closet organization ideas for spring

1. Assess, then declutter

Take a good hard look at each item of clothing. Does it fit? Is it still in style? A good rule of thumb: If you haven’t worn it for 2 years, get rid of it. Instead of holding onto clothes that are the wrong size, donate them. 

2. Spring clean the closet

Once your closet is cleared of unwanted clothes, vacuum and dust to stave off moths or other pests that might feast on your clothes.

3. Enjoy the benefits of being organized

A beautifully organized space does wonders for your wellbeing. If possible keep only current season items in your closet and put the other seasons in storage. Put your most used items in plain sight, less used clothing below and least used on shelving above. Getting dressed will be quick and easy!

4. Work on one category at a time

Focus on one thing at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Start with pants, then move on to blouses, making sure that each piece you have complements the others and still looks good on you. Take the time to filter out any items that don’t make the cut. This is even more important if your closet is small.

5. Colour coordinate your wardrobe

To see what you have at a glance, organize by colour, then by category. For example, start with your black clothes. Organize by jackets, trousers, long-sleeved, short-sleeved and sleeveless tops, then move onto the next colour. You might start pairing items together in new, unexpected ways.

6. Don’t hang everything

Fold delicate, heavy and knit items to prevent them from sagging or stretching. Store folded clothes in drawers, or neatly on shelves. Use boxes, cubbies and shelving units to organize and sort shoes, boots, purses, belts and ties.

7. Wash winter clothes before storing

Be sure to wash or dry clean items before storing them so that they're ready to wear next winter. Stains left on your clothing can oxidize and become permanent during storage. Avoid using bleach, fabric softener or starch as these are a feast for insects.

8. Climate control is key

Store off-season clothing in the main areas of your home – under staircases or beds, in extra closets, or even in your main closet if you have space. The humidity in basements and attics invite mold, mildew and insects.

9. Invest in good hangers

When you store lightweight clothes, hang them on quality hangers in breathable garment bags to keep them wrinkle-free. Use coordinated hangers that are the same size and colour for a clean look. A rolling garment rack makes it a breeze to move clothes between rooms if necessary.

10. Preserve precious clothing

When storing items like wedding dresses or baby clothing for the long haul, consider having them professionally preserved. If you have a cedar chest the wood can stain or damage clothing if it comes in direct contact, so line it with acid-free paper, muslin or even old, clean, cotton bed sheets.


By following these 10 simple suggestions, you’ll enjoy an accessible, organized closet that will breathe new life into your wardrobe just in time for spring.

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10 closet organization ideas for spring

Transitioning your closet from winter to spring is the ideal opportunity to tackle the clutter. You may be surprised at the treasures you find! Here are 10 quick and easy ideas for creating an organized closet that’s ready for spring.

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