null 10 easy and cheap ways to spruce up your home for spring

With a little ingenuity and effort, you can breathe new life into your home – even on a limited budget. Here are 10 simple ways to add fresh spring style to your home.

Add a splash of colour

Spring décor is all about fresh colours, and colourful accessories are always an easy update for spring. Affordable vases, interesting new or old objects, and colourful stacks of books on a coffee table or console can brighten up a room in minutes.

Create a feature wall

Create a dramatic feature wall by painting it in a fresh, exciting colour or by applying a patterned wallpaper that accents your existing colour palette. If your living space is predominantly white or grey, why not paint one of the walls red or teal? Even easier, try a self-adhesive, reusable wallpaper. Choose from patterns available at online specialty companies.

Reupholster or repaint furniture

Freshen up your old furniture by painting individual pieces or reupholstering in trendy new fabric. Imagine your grandmother’s wooden dining chairs looking chic with a fresh coat of high gloss black lacquer paint! You can also revitalize your living space on a budget by adding a few new inexpensive accent furniture pieces.

Pillows and wall hangings

Changing up your throw pillows or new fabric wall art can help bring on the colour. Just like you change your clothing wardrobe, you can easily refresh the look of a room by changing your “pillow wardrobe.” Replace your heavier pillows made of velvet and silk with light and breezy fabric choices like cotton or linen. Handy with needle and thread? Sew a throw pillow cover using a fresh spring fabric and cover up an old outdated pillow with it. Not too fond of sewing? Try making your own no-sew fabric banner to add a new twist to your hallway.

Fun foliage

Nothing says spring better than brightly coloured flowers and fresh green foliage. Fresh or silk, plants add colour and brighten a space and they offer a low-maintenance way to add freshness to a room.

Find a unique visual anchor

Yard sales or thrift stores often have chic pieces in retro styles. A vintage chair, art deco lamp or mid-20th century modern table can bring your living room to life. Take advantage of the spring garage sale season to find the perfect bargain!

Bring in new scents

Try scented candles with citrus or seaside scents. Your guests will smell spring in the air even before they notice your new accent wall or art deco cabinet.

Update the lighting

Why not lighten up your living space with a bold new light fixture? Just imagine the effect of a new hanging pendant or vintage chandelier – especially when paired with a newly painted feature wall and fresh spring throw pillows.

Get crafty

Create your own wall hanging by attaching a fresh print fabric to canvas stretchers from a craft store. Or why not make your own sheer curtains in great spring shades like pastel stripes, florals or lace? All you need is fabric, scissors, an iron, and a no-sew hemming tape.

Refreshing your home for spring doesn’t require a lot of effort. A playful light fixture, fresh scent or new fabric wall hanging can instantly rejuvenate your living space. Start with some spring cleaning, clear away your usual accessories, and let the freshness of the outdoors come flooding into your home. For even more ideas, look at some decoration photo galleries.

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10 easy and cheap ways to spruce up your home for spring

The crocuses are blooming, birds are singing, and the sun is shining. Spring is right around the corner! What better way to shake off the winter blues than to beautify your environment?

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