null 10 fun spring activities for kids

1. Visit the sugar bush

Canada, particularly Quebec, is famous for its pure maple syrup. When sap starts to run (usually in March), take your kids to the sugar bush where they’ll see how maple syrup is made, eat some pancakes, make maple taffy, go on a wagon ride, and more!

2. Easter egg hunt with a twist

Fill plastic Easter eggs with simple printed instructions like "do a somersault" or "do 5 jumping jacks.” The first to find the most eggs and perform all the activities is the winner. The bonus? All the participants will sleep well that night, no matter how many chocolate eggs they eat!

3. Backyard toy wash

On the first warm, sunny day of spring, why not take the kids outside for a sudsy toy wash to clean off a winter’s worth of grime? Fill a bucket with water and add some dish soap. Gather sponges and all the toys that need washing. After hosing them down, lay clean toys on clean tarp or piece of plastic and let them dry in the sun.  

4. Do some gardening

Get your kids involved in spring gardening activities. Your kids will love digging in the dirt – and learning how things grow at the same time. Older kids can spread topsoil or mulch, plant seeds or annuals, and even pull weeds. Toddlers can help you water the garden or lawn. Don’t have a yard? Use planters or small containers instead.

5. Throw a yard sale

After your spring cleaning, you’ll have a pile of things to sell: clothes, toys, household goods – even skates, bikes and hockey sticks. Pick a date, advertise it, and let your kids sell their own stuff. Bargaining can teach them how to handle money and they’ll learn the tangible benefits of decluttering.

6. Chalk games

For this spring activity, all you need is a dry outdoor surface like a driveway or concrete balcony, and some colourful chalk. Kids can create a masterpiece, practice their letters, or create cooperative games like hopscotch or mazes.

7. Explore the earth up close

Help your child connect to nature. Give them a magnifying glass to inspect backyard bugs, rocks, even dandelions! Encourage your children to draw or paint what they see. You can end your outdoor time together with a picnic lunch on a blanket.

8. Build a bird house

Welcome birds back from the sunny south with a bird house. Buy a simple premade one and have your kids paint it. Invest in a pair of binoculars, watch the birds come and have your kids track the different kinds of birds they see.

9. Play in the rain

Spring showers are inevitable – so why not make a fun spring activity out of them? Rain boots and a poncho is all you need. Young kids will love splashing in puddles and looking for worms. Take some tin pans outside and add dirt to make mud pies too!

10. Go to a baseball game

Hot dogs, sunshine, and the crack of a bat on a white ball a spring day – what better spring activity for kids? There are plenty of local teams across Canada. The kids might even be able to run the bases after the game!

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10 fun spring activities for kids

The snow is melting, and the sun is shining. Spring is in the air! Your kids can’t wait to get outside and explore the great outdoors. Here are 10 fun, easy activities to help your kids enjoy the beauty and wonder of spring.

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