null 3 steps to secure your home when you’re away

Step 1: Ask a friend or relative to check on your house

If you’ll be away for a long period, ask someone you trust to keep an eye on your house. In case of emergencies, make sure they have:

  • a copy of your travel plans
  • your contact information
  • your car and house keys
  • your home insurance information

Step 2: Prevent damage

  • Install a power surge protector and unplug all non-essential appliances like your TV, sound system, computer, microwave, toaster and coffee maker.
  • Don’t lower the temperature on your water heater to less than 60oC (140oF). This will help prevent legionella bacteria from developing in your tank.
  • To avoid potential water damage during the summer months, turn off your air conditioning system or change your thermostat temperature so it doesn’t continue to run constantly in your absence.
  • To avoid freezing pipes in the winter, set the heat to a temperature that’s only a few degrees lower than usual.
  • In case of an emergency, show the person who’s checking on your home where to shut off the water supply.

Step 3: Deter theft

  • Create an updated inventory of household valuables like jewellery and store small items or important documents in a safe deposit box.
  • Lock all your doors and windows, including the garage door, shed, and basement windows.
  • Make sure that your home security system is on and share the code with the person who’s checking on your home while you’re away.
  • Remove your spare key from its hiding spot—burglars know where to look!
  • Set timers on both indoor and outdoor lights and leave some blinds or drapes open to discourage intruders.
  • Make sure that your newspapers and mail are picked up or put on hold.
  • In the summer, arrange to have your yard work done.
  • In the winter, have your driveway and walkways cleared of snow.
  • Leave a car in the driveway, especially if you normally park there.
  • Don’t share your travel plans on social media.

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3 steps to secure your home when you’re away

Is your home safe and secure while you’re away? Whether you’re heading out of town for a few days or a few weeks, enjoy a stress-free holiday with these 3 steps.

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