null Driving tips for your road test

10 tips to help you pass your driver’s test

1. Make sure your car is in good working order

The vehicle used in the examination must be in good condition to travel on the road. Make sure turn signals, windshield wipers, brake lights, headlights, emergency brake, and horn are all operational. Check your tire pressure and make sure you have plenty of fuel. If not, your road test could be over before it begins.

2. What to do before you start the car

Make sure to adjust your mirrors, turn off the radio and most importantly, fasten your seat belt. Not your car? Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the vehicle and confirm that everything, such as the turn signals, is in working order.

3. Eliminate distractions

This may seem obvious, but the last thing you need is any distractions. Be sure to turn off your smartphone and stow it away.

4. Drive defensively

The tester will be looking to see if you anticipate other drivers’ moves ahead of time. You can do this by keeping your eyes on the road and paying attention to what’s happening on both sides of you.

5. Properly observe stop signs and red lights

Watch those signs. A no-right-turn-on-red intersection will probably be in the mix on your road test. When you approach a stop sign or red light, begin to slow down a good distance away so that you can come to a gentle, complete stop (not rolling stop!). If you slam on the brakes, you will lose points.

6. Turns and lane changes

Before putting on your turn signal, check your blind spot and mirrors. You could lose points if you don’t use your turn signals. Look carefully in all directions to ensure there is no oncoming traffic. Slow down enough to make the turn safely without going too slowly.

7. Obey the speed limit

As you’re driving, stick to the posted speed limit, even if the drivers around you are speeding. But don’t drive too slowly either, especially if the circumstances don’t warrant it. If you drive very cautiously, your examiner may think you lack confidence.

8. Check your mirrors

Check your mirrors every few seconds—before and after you turn, before and after a lane change, and before you stop. Make it obvious to the tester!

9. Parking might be your biggest challenge

Take your time and use proper positioning and technique when asked to park. Parallel parking is a perennial challenge, but any kind of rear-entry parking means looking behind you to determine how much space you have. Asked to park on a hill? Be sure to use the parking brake, and don’t forget to turn your wheels left of the curb if parking uphill, to the right if parking downhill.

10. Take your time

Your tester will not penalize you for taking your time reversing into a parallel parking spot or waiting your turn to proceed at a four-way stop. Follow the rules and take the time to do a maneuver correctly, regardless of what’s going on around you.

Good habits can pay off

By avoiding some common mistakes and following these simple tips, you’ll increase your chances of passing your driver’s test. For young drivers, having a good driving record can help you save money on your insurance premium. Be sure to download The Personal mobile app and sign up for Ajusto® to get a more personalized premium based on your driving.

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Driving tips for your road test

Are you a new driver worried about passing your road test? You’ve spent hours practicing, and now you’re ready to demonstrate your driving skills. Here are 10 tips for young drivers and some driving mistakes to avoid. 

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