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Spring cleaning a car's interior

But, it's the inside of a car that really needs spring cleaning.

Eighteen years in the car cleaning business has taught Scott Perkin, of Ontario's Scotty Shine Shop, a lot of things about where people should place their priorities when cleaning their cars. For instance, because drivers and passengers often get in and out of their vehicles in sopping wet shoes and boots, car interiors can become breeding grounds for germs, he tells QMI. Perkin suggests removing floor mats and having them cleaned and dried. He says using something like a shopvac will help get rid of the musty smell that often lingers after the winter season.

Perkin tells the agency car owners should also be sure to de-germ surfaces, like the steering wheel and dashboard, with a damp cloth and a household cleaning solution.

Finally, Perkin tells QMI that motorists should cleaning the insides of windows with an ammonia-free solution; ammonia can destroy tinted windows.

Carefully inspecting one's car in the cleaning process can also save people from filing an auto insurance claim, as potential issues can be spotted before they become serious problems.

Spring cleaning a car's interior

With another messy winter season coming to a close, the exterior of one's car is likely caked with salt and sand.

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