null Spring cleaning inside and outside the home

Cross off the items on this list and you’ll be enjoying all the season has to offer before you know it.


Long Canadian winters are tough on windows. Getting them squeaky-clean is probably one of the hardest chores you’re going to have to face, so we suggest getting this out of the way first.

To wash screens, remove them from your windows, take them outside and hose them down. If they’re particularly dirty, grab a brush and throw a little soap and elbow grease into the mix. As for the glass itself, we recommend a good squeegee fitted with a fresh rubber blade for streak-free results. Once you’ve tried this method, you’ll never go back to spray cleaners and paper towels.


In an ideal world, the garage is an organized space where you can go to effortlessly reach for gardening supplies, bicycles and more. But this is reality. Chances are your garage is organized chaos at best. Take some time to organize it now and you’ll save time in the long run.

Designate areas of your garage to specific categories. Tools here, kids’ toys there – you get the idea. To accommodate items in each category, consider mounting hooks, shelves and even cabinets for storage. Then start organizing. If you’re placing items in crates and boxes, be sure to label them for easy access going forward.


It’s not fun, but it must be done! Debris in your eaves troughs can end up damaging your roof so include this item on your spring cleaning to do list. A sturdy ladder, a garden trowel, a hose and a pair of rubber gloves are all you need. Afraid of heights? The show must go on. Call a professional in for help.


Your lawn is finally visible again after being buried under the snow for months. If you didn’t catch them all at the end of fall, rake up any remaining leaves now so that your grass can breathe and flourish. To prevent backache, remember to switch sides on a regular basis and avoid twisting your upper body.


Consider it your outdoor living room. This is where you’re going to relax and enjoy hot summer days, so taking the time to give it a little shine is totally worth it.

Get rid of winter debris with a broom. Wash down your patio furniture with a hose. If your outdoor cushions aren’t treated with a vinyl protector, they may require some extra TLC. Last but not least, attack the grill armed with a degreaser, a wire brush and a fierce attitude!


Just when you thought you were done, let’s take a look inside.

If you’re like most, the walls, door frames, baseboards and other surfaces in your home are long past due for a good scrub so tackle them with a sponge and a bucket of warm, soapy water.

Whether you hire the equipment or an equipped professional, now’s the perfect time to deep-clean your carpets and rugs. Repeat every 12 to 18 months.

In the kitchen, pull appliances away from the wall so that you can scrub underneath and behind them.

Finally, tackling one room at a time, organize your home. Find a place for everything, keeping in mind that the best place for many of your possessions may be a charity shop or your driveway. Yep, it’s yard sale season!


Spring cleaning inside and outside the home

As summer approaches, we’re faced with the often daunting task of spring cleaning.

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