null What to do if your car is recalled

What is a car recall?

Car manufacturers issue recalls if a vehicle has a safety issue or if it doesn’t meet vehicle safety standards. They are responsible for contacting car owners to explain the problem and getting it fixed. Safety recalls can be issued for anything related to a car: the vehicle, equipment, car seats or tires.

If you’re shopping for a used car, it’s a good idea to check for recalls. Ask the seller to show you proof that the problem has been fixed.

Will I be notified if there’s a recall on my car?

Yes. Car manufacturers must notify vehicle owners and dealers if there is a recall on any of their models. The manufacturer will send you a letter within 60 days.

If you bought a used vehicle, remember to register it with the manufacturer, so you’ll get information about recalls.

What should I do if my car is recalled?

If you’ve received a letter about a recall, read it carefully to find out what to do. Usually, the manufacture will tell you to call your local dealer to set up an appointment for a repair or replacement.

If you haven’t received a letter, but you think your car may be affected, check Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website, to check if your car has been recalled.

Will I have to pay for the repairs?

If your car is part of a manufacturer safety recall, the parts should be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer free of charge.

Some companies will offer to pay your taxi fare, car rental, or provide free pickup and return. So it’s worth asking if you need a lift.

Do I have to take care of this right away?

Car manufacturers don’t issue recalls lightly. Even a small recall on a minor car part may have an impact on your safety and the safety of others.

So if there’s a recall on your vehicle, don’t wait. Follow the steps in your recall letter or get in touch with a local dealership for an appointment.

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What to do if your car is recalled

Although today’s cars are safer than ever, car manufacturers still recall millions of vehicles each year. Finding out there’s a recall on your car can be a shock, but don’t panic—here’s what to do if your car is recalled.

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