Auto glass beakage: What to do?

One of your car’s windows was damaged

Here are the steps to follow  to make an auto insurance claim in case of auto glass breakage.

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What to do in 2 steps



Having a chipped or cracked windshield can be very annoying, but it's easily fixed! Plus, there are some very good reasons to get it fixed right away.

Contact an auto glass repair shop directly

(If your policy includes Glass Breakage coverage or Comprehensive coverage)

In case of glass breakage, you don't need to call us:

  1. Make an appointment with one of our recommended glass repair shops
  2. Show your auto insurance certificate
  3. The auto glass repair shop will contact us for payment

Repair or replace?

  • If your windshield has sustained minor damage (e.g., star break or fissure smaller than a quarter), it can usually be repaired.
  • If your windshield has sustained important damage or your side or rear window is damaged, it must be replaced.
    • Your windshield repair shop will offer to replace your windshield with “new similar” glass, also called “aftermarket” glass. It comes from the same factories as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass and meets all the same quality and safety standards. Because aftermarket parts are less expensive, with no difference in quality, we encourage repair shops to choose them when replacing a windshield. However, according to the conditions of your policy, you can request an OEM part, if your vehicle is covered under Endorsement 5-Year New Vehicle Protection.

By choosing the aftermarket part, you’re helping keep costs low—which helps keep premiums low for everyone.

Don't wait!

In an impact, the windshield provides strength to the vehicle:

  • It prevents passengers from being ejected
  • It supports the roof and stops it from being crushed in a rollover

Your windshield is an important safety feature, so it's important to keep it in good condition.

For your safety, we prefer glass repair shops that use the highest repair and installation standards.

Good to know

Have your windshield fixed as soon as possible to avoid having to replace it and pay the deductible.

Windshield repair

You pay no deductible, if you have Glass Breakage coverage or Comprehensive coverage.

Windshield replacement

You pay your deductible directly to the glass repair shop when your vehicle is repaired.

Consult your auto insurance policy – also accessible at Online Services – to find out the amount of the deductible or speak to an insurance agent.

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Reasons to choose a recommended body shop

  • 24/7 vehicle towing
  • Accurate damage appraisal using state-of-the-art technology
  • Repairs are done by an experienced team and guaranteed by the body shop for as long as you own the vehicle and have an insurance policy in force with us
  • The glass repair shop is entirely and solely responsible for work done.
  • The information provided on this page is meant for informational purposes only. Full details regarding coverage and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.