Incident involving your liability: What to do?

You injured someone or damaged their car

You accidentally injured someone or damaged their car. File a claim.

Accident or loss?

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What to do in 5 steps



Here's what to do if you've accidentally damaged someone else's property or injured someone, regardless of the circumstances.

After the incident

  • Exchange contact information with the other party
  • Call the police if you feel it's necessary
  • Don't try and settle the matter directly with the other party
  • Take photos of the damage if possible
  • Call our claims department at By phone:1-888-785-5502, as soon as you think that a liability claim may be made against you

A police report is required in the following situations:

  • If the damage exceeds $1,000
  • If public property is damaged (i.e., tree, pole, lamp post, park bench)

Report the incident at By phone:1-888-785-5502

The claims department agent who takes your call will:

  • Take your full statement on the circumstances of the incident
  • Check your insurance coverage
  • Advise you which documents to send in or which ones will be sent to you
  • Give you your claim number

The call will take about 30 minutes.

Once your claim is open, we’ll assign it to one of our claims advisors.

Your claims advisor has the training and knowledge to handle your claim and advise you throughout the process.

Your claims advisor will:

Contact the different parties to analyze the claim:

  • People who were injured or incurred the damage
  • Any witnesses to the incident
  • The police, if they were involved
  • The opposing party's claims advisor

Ask you to send in the relevant documents:

  • Photographs
  • The formal notice you received, where applicable
  • Estimate, invoice or any other supporting documents relating to the damages or injuries

Perform a complete analysis of the claim based on the information received

Liability is determined based on the circumstances of the incident.

The circumstances are generally found in:

  • the police report, if any (it may take a few weeks to get the police report)
  • the statements of all the parties involved and any witnesses

Please note that liability can rarely be determined when you first call the claims department, as the circumstances of the incident have to be analyzed.

If you're found liable, we will send a release to the person who was injured or incurred damage stating that the agreed settlement is final.

We close the claim when:

  • the injured party has signed and returned the release
  • all the payments have been made

We hope that your claim will be settled to your satisfaction.

Accident or loss?

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