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Ground water damage and sewer back-up

Group home insurance: additional coverage for ground water damage or sewer back-up

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Do you have enough coverage for ground water damage?

Protection against Ground water damage and sewer back-up (excluding flood caused by the overflow of a body of water) (found in Endorsement 16c) is one of the most important types of home insurance coverage you can get. Do you know what’s down in the basement and how much it’s worth? And would you have enough coverage in the event of water damage?

Replacement cost

  • Do you have a finished basement?
    If your basement is fully furnished and decorated, you want enough insurance to cover all the contents if water damage occurs.
  • Do you have new furniture, a home theatre, tools or other valuable items? Take the time to estimate and inventory the value of your belongings.

Renovation costs

How much would it cost to repair your basement? On top of materials (e.g., flooring), remember to think about drying, disinfecting, cleaning and renovations.

Do you need additional coverage for ground water damage?

Contact one of our agents at any time to talk about additional insurance coverage.

What causes water damage in basements?

  • Sump pumps can break and the water in retention tanks can overflow, damaging items in basements
  • Heavy rain can cause municipal sewers to overflow, which could then cause water to back up through toilets, showers, washing machines or floor drains
  • Heavy rain can cause ground water build-up that seeps in through basement windows
  • Tree roots can grow into and clog foundation drains, causing water to seep into basements through the foundation

How to prevent water damage

  • Direct gutter runoff away from the house
  • Make sure the ground around your house slopes away so that water doesn’t accumulate
  • Repair any cracks in the foundation
  • Make sure the plumbing system in your basement includes:
    • At least one fully functional backwater valve
    • A water discharge pump connected to a retention tank

Other water damage prevention tips

Prevent water damage and save on your home insurance! Learn more about our water damage prevention discounts.

Learn more

Learn more about water damage and how you can prevent it in Weathering Change.

For more information on how to protect your home, talk to one of our prevention advisors at By phone:1-800-463-6416.

Also ask about our flood insurance coverage.

Take advantage of our water damage coverages and prevention advice for complete peace of mind with our water damage solutions.


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