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Fuel oil leaks

Group home insurance: additional coverage for escape of fuel oil.

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Preliminary questions for Escape of fuel oil coverage

Take a look at the questions below and have the answers on hand when you call us. We want to make sure we’re giving you the coverage you need and this will help us assess your fuel oil tank.

How old is your tank?

If your tank was manufactured after 1980 it will have a nameplate with the manufacturing date. If it doesn’t have a nameplate, it might be time to look into replacing it!

What is it made of?

Is it made of steel or fibre glass? Is it a double wall fuel tank?

Does the supply line run under a concrete floor?

Fuel oil leaks and spills are sometimes caused by the supply line that connects the tank to a heating system. The supply line must be installed above ground and must be adequately protected against accidental breakage, especially if it’s in an open area.

Is it located outside?

Since outdoor tanks have special requirements, if your tank is located outside, we also need to know:

  • Whether it’s sheltered from the elements if located under a sloped roof
  • Where the supply line output is located on the tank (underneath, on top or on the side)
  • If the tank is made of steel and how thick the steel is (gauge/mm: located on the name plate)
  • What the tank is resting on (e.g., concrete, asphalt, wood)

How to prevent fuel oil leaks and spills

Have your tank inspected once a year and be aware of signs of wear and tear. 


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