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Group home insurance for homeowners: liability, water damage, sewer back-up, pool, escape of fuel oil. Group home insurance for homeowners: liability, water damage, sewer back-up, pool, escape of fuel oil.

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Quote with possibility to buy online

Quote with possibility to buy online

As a homeowner and member of a group insured with The Personal, you can get all-risk insurance to protect your property against most accidental damage and liability coverages to protect you in the event of injury to others or damage to their property.

Protect your home with all-risk insurance

When you take out a home insurance policy with us, your residence, detached private structures (such as sheds) and personal property are protected against common risks like fire, theft and vandalism. You’re also covered if a pipe suddenly bursts or a household appliance (such as a dishwasher) breaks and causes water damage in your home.

Our all-risk insurance also covers:

  • Accidental damage (such as a paint spill on carpet)
  • Additional living expenses in the event of major damage following an insured loss (i.e., what you pay out of pocket if you have to relocate after a fire while your home is being repaired)

We also insure condominium units, apartments and secondary residences.


While doing laundry, Simon knocks over a bottle of bleach that spills onto the floor and all over his clothes. Not only are his clothes ruined, but his wood floor is seriously damaged. His all-risk home insurance policy will cover the costs of repairing the damage.

Protect your assets with liability coverage

Liability coverages protect you if you accidentally injure another person or damage their property. For example, if:

  • A fire in your house spreads to your neighbour’s home
  • A visitor slips on your icy stairs and breaks their leg
  • Your dog bites a houseguest

Without this coverage, your finances could be put in jeopardy if you’re sued. Most policyholders opt for $1 million in liability insurance, though under certain conditions you can choose up to $5 million.

Did you know…

When you travel, your home insurance policy provides property and liability coverages no matter where you are.

Customize your home insurance with our optional coverages

Water damage

Add coverage for damage caused by sewer back-up, water seepage and flood

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Swimming pool and hot tub

Protect your above ground, semi-inground or inground swimming pool or your hot tub against damage caused by ice and snow

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Escape of fuel oil

Get coverage for damage caused by fuel oil spills

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Take advantage of our assistance service

With home insurance from The Personal, you get access to Identity Theft Assistance at no extra charge.

Identity Theft Assistance

Get help from a team of qualified professionals if your identity is stolen.

  • Available 24/7
  • Included with your condo insurance policy
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  • The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the home insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.