null How flooding impacts your car

If your vehicle has been hit by high waters, there can be a series of issues ranging from a flooded engine to electronic malfunctions.

Flood damaged cars

If you suspect your vehicle or a vehicle you’d like to buy has been affected by flooding, investigate these issues:

  • Flooded engine
  • Flooded transmission
  • Flooded drive train
  • Malfunctions to the electronic functions (short-circuiting wires, lights on the dashboard not working, etc.)
  • A musty odour inside the car
  • Damp carpets
  • Discoloured upholstery
  • Corroded car parts (under the dashboard, screws, doors, etc.)
  • Airbags not working properly
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) not working properly
  • Malfunctions to the ventilation system

Most flood-damaged vehicles are considered unsafe and undrivable. If you think there is a chance it can be repaired, speak to a qualified mechanic.

Flood damage and your auto insurance

If there is severe water damage to your vehicle, it may not be eligible for coverage.

When looking for car insurance, some insurance providers may offer comprehensive, specified or all perils coverage. This can help provide coverage in the event of damage or loss caused to your vehicle in situations other than collisions, which may include flood damage. For example, if your vehicle was parked and submerged by water, the loss may be covered under this kind of coverage.

How to prevent flood damage to your vehicle

  • Avoid driving through flooded areas. Some pools of water may not seem deep, but it’s best to avoid them altogether if possible.
  • Try to park your vehicle on higher ground if you know the weather forecast calls for torrential rainfall.
  • Lock and close doors and windows when you leave your vehicle.

Review your auto insurance policy to make sure you’re protected against the unexpected.

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How flooding impacts your car

Flooding can be costly for homeowners. It can also be costly for car owners if their vehicle becomes flooded and needs repairs. Learn more about common problems with flooded cars and how they can impact your auto insurance.

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