null How to stay safe during your daily commute

Adjust your mirrors

Optimal vision is paramount to remaining safe in heavy traffic. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and of your position on the road at all times. Adjust your mirrors to keep the edge of your car in your field of vision, so you can keep a better perspective and gauge distance appropriately.

Remain calm

It’s normal to feel impatient during your commute. Especially when you’re stuck in traffic and running late. But it’s important to keep your cool and avoid disrupting the flow of other drivers on the road. Traffic has a rhythm, and any abrupt manoeuvre can endanger you and nearby drivers. The flow of your commute is out of your control, so let it go and breathe. It’ll actually make the roads safer!

Use technology

Part of a safe and successful commute lies in outsmarting traffic. One way of doing this is to use apps to monitor daily activity before you hit the road. Smartphone apps like Waze and Inrix Traffic give you an accurate picture of current driving conditions and projected traffic over the next few hours. Apps like Spotify or Songza can also come in handy when dealing with impatience and frustration on the road. Commuting may not be pleasant, but it’s not as bad when you’re listening to your favourite music. Remember to use these apps safely and not while driving.

Think outside the box

The shortest road to work isn’t always the quickest or the safest. If you have to commute during peak rush hours, evaluate your options. Take the scenic route. It can be more pleasant and also help you avoid the unpredictable nature of highway commuting.

Commuting is a necessary daily routine for many Canadian workers. It's never fun and can even be dangerous. These tips should help you remain safe and perhaps make the trip slightly more enjoyable.


How to stay safe during your daily commute

We spend countless hours commuting to work. Unfortunately, heavy traffic and accidents are common occurrences. Here are some ways you can avoid trouble on your commute!

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