null Small Space Design: 8 Interior Decorating Tips

The trick is to keep it well-organized and highly functional. From small apartment furniture to paint choices, here are 8 interior decorating tips for small apartments.

8 small space design tips

1. Pick the right paint colour 

Dark colours may be cozy, but they make rooms appear smaller. Choose monochromatic light shades to make a small room appear larger. Try to avoid a stark white: a warm white, pale blue or light grey is much softer. If you do want a splash of contrast, paint the back of shelving units or wall alcoves a darker colour to add some interest and depth to the space.

2. Scale down your furnishings

It may seem obvious, but a small space needs scaled-down furniture: a love seat instead of a full-size sofa, condo-sized sectionals, and compact pieces like side tables and kitchen carts that can be easily moved when guests come for a visit. Chrome or glass accents and light-coloured furniture also create a sense of openness.

3. Choose multi-functional furniture

Choose versatile furniture that do double duty: a convertible sofa with extra storage, a dining table that doubles as a desk, a coffee table with extra storage space, or a wall unit that conceals a Murphy bed. The possibilities are endless!

4. Use smart storage

Hidden storage solutions can help your home look clean and organized. Use every inch of available space and be creative:

  • Store winter clothes, bulky jackets and sweaters in empty suitcases or rolling bins under the bed.
  • Add more storage space with wall-mounted shelves or wall-mounted bathroom vanities, tall glass-fronted cabinets and storage ottomans.
  • Consider hanging items like shoes and cleaning supplies in shoe bags behind closet doors.
  • Make the most of closet space. A custom closet organizer can create more functional space. Or for a quick DIY project, add extra shelves above the clothes for luggage, shoes, linens or off-season clothes.

5. Think tall and wide

Use floor-to-ceiling shelving to display books, artwork, photos and glassware. Want your windows to appear taller? Choose extra-long drapes and then hang them several inches above the frame.

6. Open up the space with a mirror

Create the illusion of extra square footage. Well-placed mirrors expand small spaces and brighten any room. Try putting an oversized mirror beside an entryway, or across from a window, and your guests will think they are looking into another room. Create a feature wall with differently shaped mirrors to create a sense of depth.

7. Simple décor is best

Light-coloured walls and bare wood floors make the room feel larger. Keep accessories to a minimum, opting instead for high-impact pieces.

8. Keep it neat

A top priority in a small home is to control the clutter. Make sure every item has a spot, then de-clutter and tidy-up daily. Every few months, throw or give away accumulated clothing, knick-knacks, books and magazines.

Small space, big impact

Do these interior design tips sound easy? That’s because they are! With these simple ideas, small changes can have a big impact. By choosing proportional furnishings, airy décor and clutter-free design, living in your small space or apartment can feel spacious and comfortable while offering maximum functionality, flow and appeal.

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Small Space Design: 8 Interior Decorating Tips

Minimalist design can make the smallest home look spacious.

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