null Stay Safe with Radar: All-New Weather Alert Service

Forewarned is forearmed!

In the spring of 2017, torrential rains engulfed hundreds of communities across Quebec and Ontario. Flooding forced more than 4,000 people from their homes and caused more than $223 million in property damage. It was the wettest spring in history for both Ottawa and Montreal!

When extreme weather is in the forecast, is your home or car in harm’s way? Now you can find out in advance! Radar is an innovative weather alert service available free on The Personal mobile app that notifies you in real-time if severe weather is detected in your area.

Unlike a typical weather app that provides regional forecasts, Radar can identify severe weather risks within a 500-metre radius for up to 5 locations of your choosing – giving you the opportunity to protect your family, home and car in advance. Alerts are issued up to 30 minutes ahead of time when there is a risk of hail or tornado, 3 hours before heavy rain and 12 hours in the event of high winds.

No need to be a client of The Personal to benefit from it: anyone can download the app and use Radar – and receive a personalized alert in the event of an imminent weather hazard.

Fast facts about the Radar weather alert service

Q: What makes Radar unique in Canada?


Thanks to its partnership with IBM’s The Weather Company, the largest provider of weather data in the world, The Personal is one of the 1st property and casualty insurers in Canada to offer such highly localized weather alerts.

Q: Where is it available?


Radar is available through The Personal app in every populated area of Canada. To improve forecasting accuracy, Radar uses and cross-checks the data from multiple sources like airline forecasts, radar and satellites.

Q: How does it affect my data usage and privacy?


Radar uses very little mobile data, so you can access weather alerts wherever you happen to be. And don’t worry about privacy – all data is anonymized, and Radar only collects information related to the geographic locations you register in the app.

Q: Is my insurance coverage affected?


Not at all! Radar has been designed with the sole intention of helping you prevent damage where possible.

No matter what kind of alerts you receive, Radar has no effect on your coverage or the claims process. You are always entitled to the full protection provided by your insurance policy.

Q: How do I download Radar?


It’s fast, easy and free to set up Radar on your smartphone. Download the app and subscribe to the weather alerts – no need to have a policy with The Personal! Here’s how:

  • Download The Personal app
  • Choose "Radar"
  • Register up to 5 locations you want to watch
  • Select the type(s) of weather events you want to be alerted about (hail, rain, tornadoes, strong winds, hurricanes)
  • Let Radar watch the weather, so you don’t have to!

Better safe than sorry

If Radar notifies you that a risk of extreme weather is heading your way, review these safety tips to keep your belongings and your family safe from harm. Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of the people you love!

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Stay Safe with Radar: All-New Weather Alert Service

Extreme weather is a new reality in Canada. In 2017 alone, record rainfalls, near-hurricane force winds and a 2-day ice storm have caused heavy property damage. Luckily, you can prepare for weather risks with Radar™, a free weather alert service.

The Personal refers to The Personal General Insurance Inc. in Quebec and The Personal Insurance Company in all other provinces and territories.

TMRadar is a trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc., used under license.