null 10 fun team-building activities you can do in-person or online

From sports, to culinary challenges, volunteering, and creative pursuits, here are 10 things that can be done in-person or virtually using your company’s preferred video conferencing platform.

1. Go outside

Carve out time at lunch to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Whether you arrange a picnic, go for a walk or just gather to talk on the lawn outside your office, this will offer employees a chance to pause, relax and get to know each other better. Working virtually? Create a team challenge and ask everyone to submit a photo of themselves outdoors during their lunch hour each day.

2. Yoga or tai chi classes

Launching a yoga or tai chi class for employees, regardless of whether it's in person or online, can help to build positive team culture. Start by identifying employees' preferences and availability for attending sessions. If it's an in-person class, reserve a spacious meeting room conducive to relaxation and movement and consider partnering with a qualified instructor to guide participants. For an online format, research and collaborate with virtual instructors who conduct live sessions or provide pre-recorded videos for flexible access.

3. Cook-off

A cook-off is a great opportunity for employees to showcase their culinary talents and savour the joy of creating and sharing delicious meals together. For an in-person event, select a well-equipped cooking area or partner with a local cooking studio. Divide employees into teams and assign them creative food categories to spark culinary inspiration. For a virtual cook-off, use video conferencing to connect all participants and make sure everyone has access to all the necessary ingredients and cooking utensils. Whether in person or online, consider inviting a professional chef to provide expert guidance and constructive feedback and, following the event, set up a platform for recipe sharing so participants can continue to exchange their culinary creations.

4. Improv workshop

An improv workshop, whether conducted online or in person, presents an exciting opportunity to enhance communication and inspire creativity. In an in-person setting, secure a space with ample room and a relaxed atmosphere. For a virtual workshop, leverage video conferencing tools to facilitate the activities. Consider enlisting the expertise of professional improv instructors who can guide the team through various exercises, breaking down barriers and building trust among participants. This dynamic and versatile team-building experience encourages individuals to think outside the box, adapt quickly to changing scenarios, and work collaboratively.

5. Board game tournament

A board game tournament for your employees is a fun and inclusive event that can accommodate both in-person and online participation. Start by selecting a diverse array of board games suitable for various group sizes and interests. For an in-person tournament, set up designated gaming areas and allocate time for teams to compete against each other. If some employees are working remotely, consider organizing virtual game rooms using video conferencing platforms. Establish a point system for each game and keep track of scores throughout the tournament. To encourage friendly competition, offer prizes for the winning team, like gift cards or company-sponsored experiences.

6. Volunteer together

To volunteer with your employees and make a positive impact in the community, you can organize a series of meaningful activities like helping at a local food bank, picking up litter, or running a toy or donation drive. For in-person volunteering, coordinate with the respective organizations to schedule a suitable date and time. If some employees are working remotely, consider virtual volunteering options, such as conducting online fundraisers or coordinating gift basket deliveries to local children's hospitals. Encourage open communication and don’t forget to take photos to capture and share the experience.

7. Escape room

Escape rooms are a great way to improve communication skills among team members and promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. To plan an engaging and memorable trip, start by researching highly rated escape room venues that offer diverse and challenging scenarios. Following your escape room adventure, gather the teams for dinner to discuss their experiences and celebrate your successful team-building session.

8. Karaoke night

A karaoke night is a fun and entertaining opportunity for your team to show off their talents. Choose a diverse playlist with a mix of classic anthems and trending hits to suit everyone's musical tastes. Encourage your team to sing their hearts out and make it a friendly competition by offering prizes for the best or most enthusiastic performances.

9. Painting class

Local painting classes, often known as "paint and sip" events, are usually hosted by professional artists who provide supplies and guide participants through the process of creating their own artwork. Look for local venues or art studios that offer this unique experience, so your team members can unwind and bond while expressing their artistic side.

10. Sports game

For a fun and engaging event, consider playing a sport that promotes teamwork and communication. Soccer and baseball are excellent choices for fostering cooperation and strategic thinking on the field. Or, for a more intense and fast-paced experience, consider a dragon boat race that will demand effective collaboration among team members. Whichever sport you choose, make sure all members of your team can participate and focus on building connections and creating memories together. You could also consider taking your team to a sports event, which can be a fantastic way to promote team bonding and enjoy quality downtime together.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next team building experience to help foster a positive work environment and improve employee well-being. Plus, don’t forget to check if your employer is one of the more than 700 organizations that we partner with to offer exclusive group home and auto insurance!

10 fun team-building activities you can do in-person or online

Fun activities foster trust, collaboration, and teamwork among colleagues, but when planning team-building events, it's important to identify common interests and activities that can be enjoyed by everyone.  

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