null Team Building: 10 Fun Social Activities for Employees

The problem is finding team building activities that everyone enjoys. Why not think outside the box next time?

Start with a little imagination

Recognizing that each employee has their own unique interests and hobbies, try to plan team building activities that appeal to everyone. For the sports-minded, try baseball or volleyball tournaments or a fitness challenge. Invite the whole family to summer or holiday parties. Way too complicated to get out of the office? Have fun anyway with Halloween costume contests and theme days. If some of your employees are part of various ethnic communities, diversity initiatives could recognize cultural holidays and events. Volunteer service projects or blood drives are also popular with employees. The only limit is your imagination.

10 fun activities to try

1. Lunchtime walking club

Maybe everyone can strap on Fitbits and compete over step count as you walk through the neighbourhood on your lunch break. A walk is a wonderful way to get to know co-workers without breaking a sweat.

2. Yoga or tai chi

These gentle stretches can be practised by people of all ages. Clear a space in a large meeting room, find a willing instructor – or even follow an instructional video online.

3. Cook-off

What could be more team building – and fun – than a culinary activity? Pick a food category, and let the challenge begin. Or, try doing a cooking class together. You can hire a chef to lead you through an entire meal preparation, and sit down all together to enjoy your "chef d’œuvre".

4. Improv workshop

Whether you hire a professional to lead the class, or do a home-grown version in the meeting room, improv is an interactive experience that breaks down barriers and helps employees build trust.

5. Board game tournament

Organize a team-wide board game or card game tournament for some in-office fun. You may even want to include prizes!

6. Volunteer together

Get a group together and give some time to a local soup kitchen, participate in a shoreline clean-up operation in your area or create gift baskets for children's hospitals during the holidays.

7. Escape room

Escape rooms can simulate office collaboration – they build the same leadership skills, teamwork, logic, and patience. No wonder they have become a popular team building exercise!

8. Karaoke night

You couldn’t find a better way to break people out of their shells than have them sing in front of their co-workers. You can even have a friendly competition for best group karaoke performance. Needless to say: this works best for a more extroverted group!

9. Painting class

It's a great way for employees to catch up over a drink while expressing their creativity (with a little help from an instructor). You can find painting classes at various spots throughout major cities.

10. Sports game

Round up the team and head out to the baseball diamond or soccer field or a dragon boat ride. What a great way to encourage team spirit!

Foster Company Culture

With these fun ideas for social activities with employees, you’re ready to create a great company culture that fuels employee well-being, teamwork and employee engagement. And who knows? In 1-2 years, you might just find your company on the next list of the “10 best places to work in Canada.”

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