Business assistance services

A problem? Thanks to our business assistance services, get advice from a lawyer or other expert. A problem? Thanks to our business assistance services, get advice from a lawyer or other expert.

Because in business, you sometimes need a helping hand

We’re here to give you a hand. If you have property and liability insurance from The Personal, you’ll also have accessto free assistance services for your business trips and events. Yet another advantage of having group insurance with us!

Legal assistance

With this service, you get access to a team of lawyers and notaries to help you settle disputes with clients, suppliers or employees.

24-hour phone service1

Free consultation

No time limits

100% confidential

Areas of law covered

  • Administrative
  • Property and real estate
  • Sales contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Small claims
  • Liability
  • Consumer protection
  • Estates


  • One of your clients falls down the stairs at your place of business and threatens to sue. What do you do?
  • One of your employees gets injured on the job. Are you liable?
  • You want to expand your building. What do you need to check? Who do you need to talk to?
  • A client is refusing to pay their bill. What can you do?
  • One of your service providers declares bankruptcy. What are your rights?
  • A client returns defective merchandise. Who’s responsible? You or your supplier?
  • You need to let an employee go. What are their rights?

Business concierge

Take the guess work out of planning business events and booking travel with our business concierge services. We can also help you find service providers in a number of different fields.

24-hour phone service2

Free consultation

Research in Canada, the US and abroad3

Example of concierge services offered

  • Recommending and booking restaurants in a city you’re visiting for the first time
  • Recommending a hotel for your business trip to New York
  • Booking a meeting room
  • Booking tee-off times for a golf game (public golf courses only)
  • Renting a minibus with a driver to bring your sales team to a conference

Examples of service providers we can recommend

  • Accountant to help with your year-end bookkeeping
  • General contractor to renovate your office
  • IT specialist

Take advantage of our assistance services

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Certain conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply.

Legal assistance service:

1. Once a file has been opened in your name, a lawyer or notary will call you back within 48 hours, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays).

This service does not cover questions about tax law or matters not governed by provincial and/or federal law.

This service does not include document analysis, in-person consultation or reimbursement of judicial or extrajudicial costs.

Business concierge service:

2. A representative will call you back within two business days (excluding holidays).

3. Cities must have at least 100,000 inhabitants

Requests must be ethical and lawful in nature. This service does not assume financial liability or include reimbursement of expenses or custom trip planning. No guarantee of search results or cost or availability of products. Costs associated with services provided by suppliers are covered by the user of the service.

Rewards program points cannot be used for purchases or reservations.

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